Christmas in Paradise

El último Maya Campground, Tulum, Mexico, December 2018

The Southern view from our clearing.

I didn’t even try to do anything special for Christmas this year because I’ll never be able to surpass last year’s. I was on vacation in Mexico and hired a car and driver for the day for me and a friend.

I told the driver I didn’t know where we were going but we’d know it when we saw it. The requirements were a secluded area at a beach where we could relax, swim, sun, and be left alone.

I got box lunches from the resort, we stopped for champagne, oj, and beverages, then headed south of Tulum. After several stops to evaluate spots, we eventually found a campground in the Sian Ka'an Biosphere Reserve, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, where all the campers had left for the day. I told the camp attendant at the gate what our requirements were and he said he had the perfect spot.

He led us up a giant dune between the campground and beach to a clearing among the brush at the top. It was perfect and we agreed this was the spot we'd been looking for.

The attendant even carried up a table and chairs for us to use and for the rest of the day he shooed away anyone who started to come up the trail to our spot.

We spent the entire day playing in the surf, running around on the beach, drinking mimosas, relaxing and napping in our little oasis in the brush.

An absolutely perfect way to spend a Christmas day, or any day really.

Box lunch and mimosas.
We had the beach to ourselves.
The view view of the ocean from our clearing.
Our clearing is up there somewhere.
We almost had visitors late in the day.
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